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North Pole Sign.png    Greetings students and parents! I love this time of year! There is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my family, friends, faith, good health, and beautiful nature! I am also thankful for having the privilege to teach such amazing students and awesome kids each and every day. I enjoy their enthusiasm towards learning new things, being in community with one another, and their energy! My students have been working really hard at learning fractions and how to perform skills such as adding fractions with unlike denominators, and solving "Fraction-of" problems. In science we ended the simple machines unit learning about a famous cartoonist and inventor, Rube Goldberg, who's contraptions and use of simple machines are now featured in numerous STEM programs, college contests, and high school physics classes across the country. Now it's on to our next unit, cells. Let's begin looking at the world through microscopes!  - Mr. Basom