Log-In Information

Network Login (Desktop Computers)
username: tv + student ID number (ex.  tv1223456)
password: student ID number (ex. 123456)

TVSD.info (student gmail / google)

user name: 25+ first initial+last name@tvsd.info
(all lower case, no spaces. For example  for Bill Smith: 25bsmith@tvsd.info)
password:  student ID number + 05  (ex. 12345605)

EDM (Connect Ed)
user name: TV+student ID number (TV must be in all caps)
password:  TV+student  ID number (TV must be in all caps)

Study Island (to be completed by April 1...NO FOOLIN')
user name:  tv+ student ID number (tv in lower case)
password:  student  ID number (without the tv)

Xtra Math
teacher email: jbasom@tvsd.org
user name: first name and first initial of last name (ex. jeremyb)
password: 4 digit PIN number