Mrs. Bednar

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Bednar

Welcome to Communications Technology
    We will be exploring many areas found in communications technology and digital media. The areas we will explore include Music storage unit, television unit, telephone unit, camera and computer unit. After learning about these cool areas of study we will navigated towards a movie making project with the use of Mac computers and digital cameras.

We will be using the following programs to help us with our movie making projects. iphoto,  imovie, and itunes.   

Records.png                                                 Compact Cassette.png

Iphone .png

Green Ipod Nano.png                                                                       Old Television.png                                         

Camera Photo.png                               We Can Do It.png

Come to class with a pencil and
 GOOD attitude for some COOL learning experiences

All students will need a two pocket folder for Communications Tech.